Making the most of Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be both an exciting prospect and a terrifying one for businesses. There is always a chance to lose money if done correctly but when done well, it can elevate a business and increase its sales and value. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that offers to reach customers through the Google Search Network. How this works is that businesses will bid so that their adverts can be displayed to relevant audiences. The Google Search Network is also used to show adverts that are related to the keywords that a business uses for their products and services.  To make the most of Google AdWords, read further:

Website Optimization

Optimizing the website for adverts will better improve the overall result and its effectiveness. This means making it easy for customers that visit your website to be led directly to what is being advertised. By removing an extra barrier to clinching a sale by making it easier for users to browse through the website and find the product being advertised or what they are looking. Providing an amazing user experience for visitors is a great way to ensure that your ad campaign is effective. Making a website difficult to work through will lead to the user losing interest and searching for a better website.


One of the secrets to success when it comes to Google AdWords and ensures that your adverts work is too keep the keywords local. This narrows down your target audience by being specific about the region where the services and products are offered. And because business is paying per click, this discards the possibility of paying for an advert by a person who might not even be remotely near the service area of the business.

Keep adverts current

Keeping adverts relevant is a great way to capture the targeted audience’s attention. Letting them know that the business has been able to increase the number of subscriptions the previous month or clients who have been assisted in a month shows that the advert is fresh and current. For example, the advert could state that in February 1 million chocolate bars were sold or in January we hit 1 million subscribers is a great way to connect with the audience.

Google AdWords can work for any business if done correctly. Don’t let your business get left behind in the dust and contact Esteem Media today.