Content Creation and Copywriting


Content Creation

Look no further for expert copywriting services in Sydney. Our product exists as either an add­on or a standalone product that endeavours to rewrite, improve or create from scratch any of the copy that you may need for yourself or your clients. As a standalone product, our copywriter in Sydney can be used to create a variety of copy depending on your or your client’s needs.

This includes:

  • Normal blog posts (300 – 350 words)
  • Extended Researched blog posts (600 – 800 words)
  • Website content (for single pages or entire website)
  • Proofreading
  • Email marketing mailers
  • Press releases

Creating content is about substance. Now whether something is substantial or not is subjective, understanding this subjectivity and making sure you are speaking to the right people about the right is imperative in content creation.

We have been told over and over again how consumers have a short attention span, how they are bombarded with a lot of information all day, be concise be clear. This is true however it is not the only consideration.

If you are actually answering my questions, I will take the time to read your content. If I find you entertaining I will binge watch your YouTube videos, it’s not so much that consumers don’t have the time it has more to do with whether or not you are meeting their needs.

If they are not engaging with your content it does not necessarily mean they have no need for your service or are not interested in that subject matter, sometimes they are simply engaging with someone who understands them better than you. Our job is to understand your audience and create content they will not only want to consume but want to share with their friends and family.

The copywriting product

As an add-on service, our copywriting team can assist you with any of your ongoing projects that Esteem Media is working on for you. For example, creating the content for a website that our web design team is in the process of developing, proofreading and optimising your Linkedin profile summary to make the most of our Linkedin lead generation service or even creating and optimising for SEO all of your site descriptions which assists your SEO efforts,


If you’re looking for expert content creation in Sydney, give us a call today.

Content Creation

Trend analysis & article analytics

Content Optiimisation

Outbound links, Topic Coverage, Title optimisation

Social Engagement

Influencer identification, Social channel planning, Social communication

Performance Measurement

Social sharing anaylitics, Competitive analytics

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