Martin – Managing Director

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Before devoting his time to the world of digital branding, Martin spent a decade learning his skills and perfecting his craft in the Real Estate Sales industry. From there, he transitioned and dedicated six years to launching and transitioning the Real Estate industry from print media to the digital market as the internet exploded with Newscorps REA Groups global real estate advertising portal, au.

Having well over 20 years worth of Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Sales and Management expertise up his sleeve, Martin combined his deep passion and understanding of digital marketing in The Real Estate Industry, and took the leap into the Hair and Beauty Industry.

Martin took over as Managing Director of Esteem Hair Beauty Spa and used this knowledge and injected this as a whole to provide compelling results and engaging strategies to scale up and make an impact. With a long list of contacts and experience spanning two large Industries Martin finds no problem to big or small to take on and create lasting marketing and business solutions with strong and long lasting impacts.


Matt – Director

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A strategic professional with over ten years of experience in Real Estate and Property Development Industry, Matt understands the importance of creating a lasting impression. Having studied in fine arts and possessing the unique skill set of both left and right side of the brain function being both analytical and methodical while being creative and artistic Matt took his creative skills into the world of Marketing and Sales.

Through his Real Estate endeavours Matt transitioned from a Local Real Estate Agent into Corporate and Business Development, Marketing, Strategy and Sales Management and has worked with multiple start-ups within the property tech space, travelling the world demonstrating a strong understanding of the importance of marketing and branding in taking new businesses to market on a local and global scale.

Utilising his wealth of knowledge when it comes to the digital space, business growth and marketing as a whole, Matt loves to cultivate innovative ideas to align with the different niches and brand objectives, whilst providing strategic and effective plans with a sales centric focus.


Adam – Partnerships Director

+61 408 690 105

Having worked with some of Australia’s biggest media outlets and publishers over the last 10 years, Adam has earned extensive knowledge and industry experience driven by his passion for business and marketing within the digital space.

With a background in journalism, specialising in traditional and nontraditional media, Adam has led major partnerships and advertising sales teams ranging from small business, government sectors, global education providers, major banks, large corporations, and Telcos across the country. In detail, these companies niches include automotive, tech & telco, FMCG, banking & finance, food and beverage, sport and entertainment clients.

By utilising data market research and strategic audience analytics within his approach, Adam has been able to successfully curate media precision across his partnerships and simplify client digital solutions.

Adam is passionate about understanding the competitive landscape, unlocking marketing intel, and mitigating brand dissociation. By integrating his strategic mindset and utilising progressive digital solutions and data analyses, Adam has been able to forge cohesive trustworthy, and successful partnerships.

Brandon - Profile

Brandon Hocothee – Project Manager

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Having completed numerous customised and bespoke websites for clients of all niches, Brandon demonstrates a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience when it comes to web development and design.

Brandon has a strong passion for providing the esteem clients with a competitive edge via their online presence – by having a clear understanding to take a clients vision from a conversation and bring it to life digitally, Brandon ensures the latest in functionality, e-commerce, web design and applications is integrated throughout.

With the ever changing digital age, Brandon is able to foresee the most appropriate strategies for clients seeking out web development, web design and e-commerce, integrating the latest innovations in technology and most aligned web applications to best suit client requirements and objectives.

Jonti Reynolds

Jonti Reynolds – Social Media Manager

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I’m always pursuing new information, destinations, challenges, and experiences. My versatile professional background, from hair cutting to school photography, means I’ve picked up a wealth of personal and professional experience along the way. With an outgoing, adventurous, and social personality it’s no wonder I’ve found myself here at esteem now working in social media. No two days are ever the same, I love being kept on my toes and being pushed and challenged to create. I’m proud to bring my youthful energy and versatility to the team here.