The Best Digital Marketing Solutions to Stand Out in Sydney

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it makes good business sense to make digital marketing a priority. In fact, most adults are spending an average of about six hours online daily. That number has doubled in the last decade and shows signs of increasing further as technology permeates every aspect of modern life. As the digital takeover advances, it can be overwhelming to dip a toe into digital marketing. Fortunately, there are digital marketing gurus available to break down exactly what strategies you need to boost your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization utilizes common search phrases, called keywords, to highlight what your webpage is about and draw consumers searching that phrase to you. Search engines such as Google regularly send crawler bots to scan through and index webpages based on these keywords. The more effectively you use a keyword, the higher up the search engine results page you’ll be. Placing high on the results page is vital as 90% of consumers will only click on the first few results. While many businesses pay to be advertised as the top search result, research suggests that using local digital marketing solutions Sydney is the best way to go with organic search results outperforming paid ads 5.66 times over.

Social Media Marketing

Nearly 4 million people worldwide currently use social media, in fact, Facebook is the number one website searched on google. With numbers like that social media marketing seems like a no-brainer when considering digital marketing services Sydney. However, running a successful social media campaign is much harder than you think. You have to know the unique community of each site, for example, what makes a post successful on Facebook may flop on Twitter. Additionally, you must stay on top of trends, hashtags, site demographic, what time windows have the most traffic for each site and so much more. Using the marketing wizards at a reliable digital marketing company Sydney will help elevate your social media page above the throngs of a crowded marketplace.

Web Design

One of the most important aspects of a well-curated online presence is a thoughtfully designed website. When planning your digital marketing solutions Sydney, you may have killer keywords and an amazing aptitude for social media, but if your website is not designed for customer engagement and retention, none of that matters. Customers only need 50 milliseconds to judge your website, that’s less time than it takes to blink. Any number of factors could turn customers away from your site from poor visual aids, invasive music or videos, poor layout and organization, not being optimized for mobile use or excessive load times. On average most consumers will expect your website to load in just two seconds. Since almost half of all customers rate web design as the number one determining factor in brand credibility, the importance of incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy cannot be overstated.

As more people continue to spend an increasing amount of time online, the way that they are discovering and interacting with brands is evolving. Just like in biology, the companies that do not evolve to keep up will crumble. In a cutthroat market, it is survival of the fittest. Don’t let your business be the one that gets left behind, get started on your digital marketing strategy today.