Do Some Digital Housekeeping To Optimise The Effectiveness Of Your SEO Copywriter In Sydney

So you’ve got a digital presence and your SEO copywriter Sydney has been tasked with creating content to build on that presence. But how are your other digital marketing touch points contributing to the effectiveness of this content? At Esteem Media we know the importance of a well rounded digital marketing approach and a big part of that is ensuring that you perform an audit followed by some simple housekeeping in order to ensure that your SEO presence is optimised and uncluttered. 

Simple Digital Housekeeping To Perform

The first step to creating, generating and driving leads where you need them, is to perform a digital audit. While this is highly recommended as a foundation, there are many other tasks you can ask us to assist with that will enable you to better engage with your audience on your online platforms. Here are a few suggestions of what to talk to us about:

  • SEO audit
  • Citations audit
  • Content audit
  • Creating and improving meta descriptions
  • Testing site speed
  • Evaluate the need for website redesign
  • Create engaging content and transform existing content into interactive pieces
  • Tidy up and streamline social media platforms
  • Create and improve your hashtag list
  • Conduct social listening
  • Make strategic decisions based on your analytics
  • Run marketing campaigns and complete assessments
  • Have credibility content created

The benefits of doing some of these housekeeping tasks are expansive. Simply put, you will be creating more search traffic, creating longer dwell times, and supporting more conversions.

Choose Esteem Media For All Your Digital Marketing Needs

Digital marketing at Esteem Media is a work of passion and professionalism combined. We take great pride in our team’s skills within the digital space that provides both client satisfaction and marketing success. As one of the most premium digital marketing providers within the greater NSW region, we offer a full selection of services. We create and implement comprehensive strategies for all your digital needs and we tailor make each of these solutions for your individual brand. Whether you need a digital audit or an SEO copywriter in Sydney, our team will be able to help your business expand and thrive through your digital presence.  If you want to grow your business, contact us on (02) 8006 0811 or fill out our contact form here today.