How Can I Use the Internet to Advertise My Business?

Social Media Advertising

Since over seventy percent of adults use at least one social media site, and users average close to two and a half hours per day on social media, the digital marketing solutions Sydney firms provide are one of the best ways to interact online with potential customers.

With so many social media users, you have a wonderful opportunity to leverage customer profile data to create ads that are targeted specifically to your ideal audience. Adding AdWords management Sydney firms help you choose can target your ads further. You can also produce ads in a variety of formats, so choosing one that makes sense for your business is easy.

What platforms support social media advertising?


1. Facebook

Facebook is a powerful social media platform for advertising, with over 66% of all Australians using the platform on a monthly basis. You can target your audience to customers that have already interacted with your business, either by visiting your website or liking your business’s Facebook page.

The ability to target customers so specifically makes Facebook the perfect platform for online advertising, Unfortunately, businesses have realized Facebook’s effectiveness and this has driven up advertising costs. High rates may put Facebook out of your budget but digital marketing solutions Sydney firms can provide will help you get the most for your money.

2. Twitter

Twitter can be a powerful way to reach customers organically, but it can be hard to convert into worthwhile results for brick-and-mortar companies. Contacting the best AdWords agency Sydney has to offer can help you leverage Twitter to its fullest.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity for business-to-business (B2B) and international advertising, with four million Australian users and over 400 million users worldwide. But the professional nature of the platform may limit advertising to businesses that align with that model.

4. SnapChat

With fewer overall users but a younger demographic, SnapChat can be a valuable platform to target users between the ages of 18-24. With the digital marketing solutions Sydney firms can assist with, you can reach this valued young demographic easily.

Paid Search

When you ask the internet to find the best local restaurant or most reputable tattoo artist in your area, responses usually return through your browser or a user-rated app like Yelp. These answers have paid search ads at the top of the results page, so that customers that are searching for something specific see your link first and are directed to your website. Search ads use keywords to target what customers are searching for, as opposed to targeting a demographic that may be interested in your product.
By leveraging google adwords management Sydney digital advertising firms can help your business appear at the top of these lists and help drive business to your website.

Native Advertising

To use native advertising, you would partner with an online publisher to create sponsored content that relates to your industry that is shared on websites and social platforms. By providing authentic content and using AdWords management Sydney firms provide, you position yourself as an expert and a trusted source. While taking much more time and effort, building customer trust can provide a long-term payout.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is what most of us think of when we think of online advertising: banner ads, pop-ups, promotional images and advertisements. While the targeting capabilities of these tools are very impressive clickthrough rates are low, as they do not support customer engagement and are often ignored.