How Media Companies Sydney Are Making The Most Of Digital Media And Videos

While digital marketing is streaming ahead at lightning speed, media companies in Sydney, like us at Esteem Media, are making the most of digital media and more specifically, videos.

Did you know that an average person spends over 24 hours a week online? Of that, more than 1 trillion searches are performed online each year, with more than eight billion Facebook video views occurring daily.

Videos are fast becoming the go-to online marketing solution for businesses and if your brand or business hasn’t started creating video content yet, you’ll soon be sitting on the bench as video-seeking customers pass you by. Not only do videos align with the ever-changing environment of online consumer behaviour, they advertise your product or service better. Creating videos means you’ll be enjoying a piece of the consumer pie which is now prevalent online.

It’s Time To Start Video Content And Maximize Your Online Videos

According to a 2020 survey on Wyzow, “92% of marketers said that video content is an important part of their marketing strategy. Social media video content is eye-catching on otherwise static feeds. It’s a highly effective way to hook your target audience and demonstrate your brand’s personality. And the format can be spliced, simplified and transformed into a myriad of social content assets.”

Unlike static ads, wordy advertisements, blogs, and 2D marketing material, videos actually increase interest and engagement as it builds excitement and piques your online audience’s interest.

So Much To Film For So Many Who Want To Watch

Onlines audiences are viewing and interacting more with businesses and brands who post creative and unique videos. With so many ways to use videos for marketing that can showcase aspects of your business, and so much of your business to film and encapsulate in a short, effective video, where does one start? Why not change up your current boring content and ads for videos and allow your online audience, current and potential, to watch:

  • Educational videos which teach them something new
  • Company culture videos which show off your company’s personality and create relatability and connection
  • Product videos which showcase your products and get people interested
  • Testimonial videos which build loyalty and trust
  • Short clips which tell personalized and powerful business stories
  • Behind-the-scenes videos which show the human side of your brand
    Promotional videos which highlight a current special or offer and motivates them through video cues to take up that offer

With much experience in video content, created for clients across the industry board, we know how to create, edit and deliver videos and reel content which get eyes on your business, brand, product and services. Email now and let’s start filming!