How to Choose the Right Agency for Google Ads

Are you looking for a Google Ads agency? Sydney has many options to choose from. A digital agency in Sydney that gets you is the job! Did you know according to Unbounce, 50% of people arriving on your website via ads are more likely to buy your products than those who visit through an organic link?

This tells us – Google ads work! And you need to find someone who will do it right!

The problem lies in finding the right AdWords agency around you. A lot of companies try to outsource this work to a PPC (pay-per-click) agency. Defining your desired goals before approaching a Google AdWord Agency is important. Here are a few goals that you can aim at:

  • Get more calls to your business
  • Increase visits to your website
  • Generate revenue for your business
  • Increase clients for your business
  • Increase brand awareness


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Therefore, choosing the right agency is crucial for you. Here are a few ways to make the right decision:

    1. Certification: Look for the ‘Google Partner’ status when finding the right agency. A Google Partner is a business or a brand that is “recognised for maximising campaign success for your clients”, as per Google. This certification would at least tell us that the agency is a partner in the eyes of Google and they adhere to the best AdWords + SEO manners.


    1. Experience: Along with certification, check for their experience. The founder or co-founder’s experience in the advertising field can help us judge. The right fit will have experience and a proven track record and process. How do you know that? By case studies. It is a wonderful way for the agencies to exhibit their proven process.


    1. Deliverables: A number of agencies follow the ‘pay-per-lead’ model. This model directs people to a general landing for multiple clients. So, on your website, you see traffic but that traffic is not converted to business.. Such a model works well for agencies because technically they have statistics to show you results but it is not generating revenue for you.


    1. Contracts: Do not fall prey to long-term (12-24 months) contracts with agencies. Relationships stabilise when agencies focus on performing well for clients. Look for agencies that offer month-to-month arrangements or a three-month contract. Keep such negotiations on the table.


    1. Conversion rates: A Google AdWords agency’s focus should be converting clicks on your website to revenue. A common practice by agencies is to aim at just clicks which is not beneficial for the client. They should focus on improving the targeting, timing, placement of the ad, and ad messaging.


  1. Methodology: Look for an agency that has a defined and clear process for maintaining your account. Ideally, they should be able to tell you when and what keywords to use or add, when to create new ads and how will they maintain the provided budget across the given keywords.



Google AdWords can be a great way to achieve instant results at an instant cost, however, just because we use Google AdWords does not mean we let go of organic methods. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION and Google AdWords go hand in hand.