New Analysis: Comparing Facebook Ads And Google Adwords Sydney

The reality of modern digital marketing is that advertising has had to adapt not only to the rapid expansion and standardisation of the digital scape, but that traditional marketing pathways and strategies have become near redundant. Now, what used to be seen as a one-directional stream is now being used as a two-way collaborative journey. 

Two seemingly adversarial entities like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords in Sydney are two parts of the same recipe – the recipe for success. Esteem Media knows that while there are several similarities between the two media giants, they each shine in different arenas and should be used in a complementary way to further your marketing and reach.

Getting To Grips With Google Ads

Google Adwords is the primary PPC advertising platform in the world and uses paid search to generate the relationship between company and client. In other words, Google Ads help you find more clients and increase your customer pool using keywords and primarily text-based advertisement linking. 

There is a misconception with regards to Google Ads and their ranking system that plays into the idea that you can buy your way into a better position. Luckily, this is not true and it is far more dependent on the relevance of the ad to the user. The relevance of your product and the user experience of your site create the overall quality score that dictates your ranking on Google. 

Find Your Footing With Facebook

While social media marketing encompasses far more than just Facebook, it is important to note that Facebook’s platform offers an inherently immersive advertising platform that has a reach similar in nature to that of Google. Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook is more of a visual entity and offers paid social marketing – the second half of a constructive and intelligent marketing strategy. Looking back at the analogy of a dual directional journey, Facebook offers the ability for potential clients to find you based on their interests and how accurately they are matched as part of lookalike audiences. 

Esteem Media Offers The Best Digital Marketing Collaboration

Combining the use of both Google Adwords in Sydney and Facebook advertising is one of our strengths at Esteem Media. You need to both invite new clients to find you and actively pursue the creation of more client relationships in order to achieve maximum ROI. Speak to us today to strike the right balance and start your campaign by calling (02) 8006 0811 or using our convenient contact form.