Questions You Need To Ask About Social Media Management Pricing.

Do you have sufficient time, resources and an adequate budget to manage your business social media platforms, watch your analytics, alter your strategy with data-driven insights and go viral? Your answer will most definitely be “NO.” In that case, now is the perfect time for you to start looking for social media agency Sydney to manage your social media accounts.

Social media has established itself as an essential aspect of digital marketing efforts, providing valuable benefits that assist your business to reach a wide range of customers. If you are not exploiting the advantages of social media, you are missing out on a compelling marketing opportunity.

When scouring for social media companies in Sydney, you will need to ask the following question relating to their pricing, ensuring you selecting one suitable to your needs and budget;

  1. How Many Social Media Platforms Do You Include In Your Social Media Management Packages?

Social media companies in Sydney perform the same duties, but their packages are not created equal. One agency’s base level contract may cover more or less than what another agency will cover. Therefore it is essential you are fully aware of how much their services costs and most importantly, how much they cover.

If you want your brand to be visible on every possible social media channel, check if the agency covers this and how much they charge for additional platforms before putting your million dollar signature on the dotted line.

  1. Will You Share Content? Or Monitor Social Media Interactions? Or Both?

The question of what social media management entails will have some agencies split their hairs. Some social media agencies will schedule posts for your posts, while others will focus on monitoring interactions and engagements but optimal social media companies in Sydney will do both.

One of the significant requirements of social media is conversations and the more conversations your brand has with its followers, the more rewards you receive from social algorithms.

  1. How Often Will You Post On Each Social Media Platform?

This is where the chickens come home to roost. The contract you will sign might cover all the social media platforms you want your business to be visible, but how active is that presence? Tweeting a few tweets on Twitter per week is futile in terms of gaining engagements and conversions.

According to CoSchedule, it is ideal to post 15 tweets per day, while updating a status more than twice on Facebook will backfire enormously.

  1. Do You Offer Customer Service On Social Media?

You are doing it wrong if you are not answering your customers’ questions and addressing their feed on your social media pages. A total of 63% of customers have indicated they expect brands to offer customer service on social media.

Taking forever or not responding might drive those customers to your competitors, but if you offer high-quality customer service on social media, you can convert them into a brand evangelist.

  1. What Social Media Management Tools Do You Use?

The benefit of working with social media companies in Sydney is the technology, as social media marketing is part of their business. Agencies tend to invest heavily on social management tools to offer their clients a competitive advantage.

Typical tools that they will use include Buffer for scheduling and analytics, Meltware and Hootsuite for social media listening and BuzzSumo for measuring the content frequently shared across the various platforms.

If you are searching for social media companies in Sydney to manage your social media platforms professionally, you will never go wrong with Esteem Media. Contact us today and let us get your business trending on every social media platform.