Services Included in Digital Marketing

There are over five billion internet users in the world. Every day, scores of people are scrolling this way and that, searching for things, working and playing online. That’s a big pool of potential clients. When it comes to marketing, the vastness of the internet can put your brand’s name on the lips of people around the world. Though there are certainly differences between digital marketing techniques and traditional marketing techniques, there are also similarities. At the end of the day, resources are employed to help introduce your brand to the world, except that with the internet, the world is much smaller than it used to be.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting brands to the public by way of the internet and digital devices. When considering advertising for web development Penrith or copywriting services Sydney, for instance, folks are less likely to buy space in a newspaper or on the side of a bus than they are to invest in an online digital marketing campaign.

What Types of Digital Marketing Are There?

There are many types of digital marketing. Learning about the virtues, the similarities and differences between them can help you to determine which you might employ in your own marketing strategy.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Seo is a process that aims to drive internet traffic to particular websites. An important distinction here is that SEO targets unpaid traffic as opposed to paid or direct traffic. SEO attempts to improve a website’s position in search result pages. It does this through obtaining editorial, natural, organic or free search results in search engines. Google, for instance, has hundreds of ranking factors embedded into its algorithms and having strong SEO capabilities can influence a website’s position.

2. Social Media Marketing

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all examples of social media marketing Sydney. As social media remains one of the most engaging ways of spending time online, it remains a huge asset to the marketing world. This could look like many different things. Microblogging is an example of this type of marketing and involves the practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog. Twitter is one of the more well-known channels of the microblogging world because it is so easy to share short posts and for others to access them. Twitter is also a good way to share videos, gifs, article links and short posts.

3. Content Marketing

Any time you are creating, publishing and distributing content for a particular online audience, you are engaging in content marketing. Among the tricks to successfully utilise this type of campaign are to consistently push your brand and related media on your and others’ websites and to do so often. If you wanted to highlight your brand of web development Penrith or PPC management Sydney, you might blog about it, or repost relevant blog posts on your website. Other examples of content marketing include entertainment, educational articles, videos and webinars.

When seeking attention for your brand, the internet is practically calling your name. If you have a need to utilise digital marketing to promote your brand, reach out to the professionals at Esteem Media. Their skills in maximising potential commerce are built on a foundation steeped in a philosophy of community-building and facilitating navigation within the ever-shifting traditional-to-digital media landscape.