Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a New Website

Are you unsure whether you want or need a new website? This post lists the top 10 reasons that clearly indicate a new website is required.

1. Not Mobile-Friendly

More people use mobile devices to access the internet these days than computers and laptops. Therefore, your website needs to be responsive. As in, it easily re-sizes to adapt to different screens. This isn’t as simple as choosing a responsive theme. Pages need to load on different screen sizes in such a way that navigation is easy no matter what the device.

2. High Page Load Times

One of the top reasons why you need a new website is if your site is too slow. People are impatient. If your web pages take too long to load, potential visitors will give up and go elsewhere. Google also penalises slow-loading sites. A fast site has a better chance of ranking higher.

3. Poor or Outdated Design

Websites that haven’t been updated for quite some time will not only look unappealing to today’s visitors, technically they may not be search engine optimised either. This can hamper your site’s ability to rank well in Google and co.

4. Not SEO Friendly

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a vital component of any website. The content of your pages needs to appeal to the algorithm the SERPs use and so do certain technical aspects of your website. If you build a new website based on good SEO practices, it’ll rank way higher in search results.

5. Poor or Outdated Content

Thin content that offers little value to the reader won’t help your website in any way. Neither will content that’s outdated. You should be looking for a new website if this is the case.

6. Poor Navigation

The user experience (UX) is of paramount importance. Getting people to visit your site is just part of the process. Once they’re there, you want to keep them there and keep them coming back. One of the best ways to achieve this, besides providing quality content, is to ensure a positive user experience. A site that’s easy to navigate, with simple and clear menus and linking structure helps enormously with UX.

7. CTA Actions

Your website really should have at least one CTA (Call To Action) on every page. CTAs include things like:

  • Opt-in forms to subscribe to your email list
  • Book now / order now buttons
  • Call now
  • Contact us today
  • And so on…

Any button, form, text or image that asks the visitor to take some type of action will get results. Tell your visitors what you want them to do.

8. Not CMS Managed

Without a content management system installed on your website, it can be extremely difficult to make even simple changes or upload fresh content. An example of CMS is the very popular WordPress. If your current website has no content management system, you really need to get a brand new site built.

9. Poor Security

With so many hackers and cyber-criminals in the world, your website needs to be built robust and secure so it doesn’t fall victim to anything malicious. If you have a new website built by professionals it will be safe and secure. SSL certificates are also a must these days.

10. Missing Social Integrations

With such a huge focus on social media these days, having a website with no social media integrations is just crazy. This includes having buttons on your site and on each page of content where visitors can easily share your blog posts, product offerings, videos and more. You want your content to be shared as it will lead to your website receiving more visitors.


Talk to the team at Esteem Media to discuss how we can help you. We’ll build you a brand new website addressing the top 10 points in this post and more. Give yourself a competitive edge. Give us a call today.